Do add one (or all) of these breathing exercises to your nightly bedtime routine for a sound sleep.

Except for the first two, all of these exercises can be performed lying down on your back in bed, with your eyes closed.

1. Meditative breath

For a short meditation before you…

According to social psychology, positive reframing starts with the small decisions we make throughout the day.

When something goes wrong at work, it is normal to take that negative experience and hold onto it for the rest of the day or maybe even for the whole week. That tendency is…

Releasing Past Hurts from Our Minds & Our Bodies

Imagine you are holding a stress ball, and squeezing it tighter and tighter. Compressing the ball feels productive, like you’re creating the world’s first polyurethane diamond.

But when you release, the ball springs back to its original shape and bounces across…

If I surrender
to what you are saying,
if I take a listening role
while you are talking,
I take in what you are saying.
I receive.
There is such energy in receiving.

— Marion Woodman

Today’s reflection is in exploration into the idea of deep listening as surrender.


Let us understand this that erratic is not good love. Too often, we think love is supposed to be manic

People celebrate “losing themselves,” and “falling” for someone; they get tossed and turned like they have no say in the matter; they let themselves get pulled emotionally drained and chalk…

Children and adults need to encapsulate their local mythology to understand their life course better. Let us consider an introspection on this account by asking ourselves some questions and then drawing plus soaking in the answers as well!

In the modern times when the digital proficiency has become the most…

What rheumatoid arthritis remission is and how to achieve it? How does the Rheumatoid Arthritis works?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease that can damage a person’s joints and cause pain throughout the body. It is a chronic condition with no known cure. …

The sesame plant grows in tropical and subtropical parts of the world, including Asia, Africa, and South America. People cultivate it for its edible seeds, which are a popular addition to many dishes all over the world.

The sesame plant, Sesamum indicum, produces seeds that contain protein, fiber, and healthy…

What is one thing you hope the young people in your life do this monsoon?

I recently asked a version of this question to the grandfather of one of my students.

Without hesitation, he leaned forward and said with conviction, “I’d say, get off those screens!”

I couldn’t agree more.

I love games. I love their simplicity and structure… competitiveness. It gives me motivation. It helps me feel the range of human emotion… the drama, the action. If only life was so simple.

In the evolution of sports/games, game theory undoubtedly has emerged. Finding optimal strategies was once dependent on…

Trishna Patnaik

The Quest to Achieve Exemplifies with Patience, Passion and Perseverance

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